Membrane stripping with the DIG system

Caren Helbing chelbing at ACS.UCALGARY.CA
Thu Jun 23 13:06:20 EST 1994


I am a new user of the Boehringer Mannheim DIG labelling system.  I am using DNA
probes varying in length from 200 to 3000 bp on genomic Southern blots and am
having difficulty with removing the signal to reprobe the blots.  I have tried
the NaOH/SDS method recommended in the DIG handbook and also the standard method
that I had previously used successfully on Zetaprobe (the membrane I'm currently
using) which basically boils the probe off.  Yet I still get residual bands.
This has occurred with several blots done independently and is worse with the
3000 bp probe. Has anyone had this kind of problem? 

Thanks in advance.


chelbing at

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