Prok. vector x studying 5'UTR (HELP)

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Thu Jun 23 11:03:49 EST 1994

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> Dear netters,
> I am looking for a vector with the following characteristics:
> -either resistance gene with a low suppression rate or Bgal or 
> anything else that could give me a QUANTITATIVE measurement of the expression
> rate; ***deleted material****

You might want to try a series of vectors developed by Bob Simons in Nancy
Kleckner's lab: 
      "Improved single and milticopy lac-based cloning vectors for protein
       operon fusions"
      R.W. Simons, F. Houman, and N. Kleckner
      Gene 53, 85-96 (1987).
The vectors have a four-fold repeat of the rrnb transcription terminator
upstream of a polylinker site containing BamHI, SmaI, and EcoRI sites.
Vectors were made for operon or protein fusions to the lac Z gene. All on a
pBR322 vector. A phage system also exists to make single copy (prophage)
versions of the fusion.

They have worked for me.

They should either be available from the Kleckner lab, or from Bob Simons.

Bill Jack
New England Biolabs
jack at

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