Regs for mailing DNA

Thu Jun 23 09:42:49 EST 1994

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colter at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU ("Mary Colter ", BIO) wrote:

> Does anyone know where I can get REAL information on mailing DNA samples? 
> This includes info on things such as recombinant DNA, genomic DNA, etc. 
> if it is considered hazardous (what kinds of disclaimers, etc). The local 
> post office here is not  really well equipped to deal with these questions.
> Also Does anyone recognize the word 'prion' or 'pryon' or something that 
> sounds like this? Is this a company or a product? I have a friend who is 
> looking for this information. Thanks - replies don't really need to be 
> posted back to the network,  just e-mail me, please.
> colter at

Yes I do reconize the word prion. It is a proteinacous infectious particle
responible for causing scrapie in sheep and causes Creuzfeld-Jakob (maybe
misspelled) disease in humans. It is transmitted by cannibalism.  It was
first thought to be the first form of life that replicates without
indogenous nucleic acid but somehow it uses that of its host(?). It was
discovered in the early 80s but I don't know what they have learned since.
Some investigators have claimed that is does contain DNA but it is so well
protected by the protein is not easily detected. Who knows.  :)

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