Can a polyclonal AB distinquish between two very similar proteins

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> Hi,
> Can a polyclonal AB raised against a synthetic peptide (MNLAPLDT) be able
> to distinguish between a protein with this sequence and a protein that
> shows >70% sequence identity with it.  This other protein has SNLAPVDT as
> its  sequence at the corresponding region.
> Thanks in advance.
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> Jaishree
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This is very difficult to predict. It depends on how many B cell epitopes
are contained within the first peptide. If there are several and one (or
more) are also contained within the second peptide it is likely they will
interact ASSUMING that the second peptide is in a part of the protein that
has high surface probability and is thus available to the immune system. It
is this last point which is most likely to be a problem and thus give you
problems! You can run all the hydropathy plots, surface probability plots
etc but I think our understanding of this is really so superficial that such
endeavours are of more psychological than physiological worth. That only
leaves try it and see!!
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