Buffering Phenol

Jay Allen jsallen at rs1.tcs.tulane.edu
Thu Jun 23 12:30:31 EST 1994

Jim Owens wrote: 

: That was a variation added when I got impatient with shaking the phenol
: with several changes of 0.1M TrisHCl, pH8.  This way the pH of the
: equilibrated water phase would be at pH 8 with the first shake.

	I am interested in your techniques, but the previous article had
expired.  How many extractions with Tris are done before adding the NaOH?
Can you after adding TrisHCl to 0.1M?? Add the NaOH right away??  Basically, 
what is the concentration of the Tris/Phenol/NaOH in the mix??
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