DNAse I shotgun MnCl2 (fwd)

Robert Preston rapr at MED.PITT.EDU
Fri Jun 24 11:40:52 EST 1994

> I've been doing partials with DNAse I and Mn2+ with some success but
> noticed that there was a discolouration of the buffer and DNA ppt when
> I froze the reaction overnight prior to extraction. Is this some oxidation
> effect of the Mn? or maybe my Mn is just old? Is the DNA now stuffed?
> Any ideas or anecdotes welcome
Phil, Mn2+ does undergo facile oxidation to MnO2, which is brownish
blackish and extremely insoluble in water.  It's also probably pretty
inert chemically, so it probably doesn't matter

rapr at med.pitt.edu

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