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Fri Jun 24 10:47:11 EST 1994

Jay Allen (jsallen at wrote:

: 	BTW, I am working with MNNG (crystalline) and I was wondering how
: to weigh it out.  I don't want to do it in the hood, because I don't want
: to circulate a crystalline carcinogen.  Any ideas??  I am dissolving in DMSO,
: diluting in PBS and treating transfected HeLa cells for a genotoxicity 
: assays.

   OK, here is my drill.  Weigh the tube.  Put a plastic bag
in the hood open toward you to make a little chamber.  Open
the bottle of MNNG in the bag and use a spatula to transfer
an approximate amount to the tube, all in the bag.  Close the
tube and reweigh it.  Calculate the amount of MNNG by difference
and add the DMSO (I use citate buffer) to get your desired
concentration.  Carefully clean the spatula (chemwipe plus EtOH),
roll up the bag and dispose of as hazardous waste.


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