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Fri Jun 24 22:06:24 EST 1994

	I've only been doing PCR's for about a month and obviously am not 
completely up on all aspects of it.
	However in our lab, it takes around 20 minutes or so to set up a PCR, 
a couple-three hours for it to cycle, followed by around 20 minutes or so to 
set up a restriction enzyme digest, a couple-three hours for the digest, then 
20 minutes or so to set up a gel and a couple-three hours for the gel to run.  
	So if all goes smoothly we can get results in one longish day, or in 
two days if we decide to go home at a decent hour. Southern blots might take 
a few days, DNA extractions take about two hours for a small batch.
	While waiting for these procedures to complete, my colleagues
and I will, among other things, look at the daily newspapers. And the
 papers (The Daily News and New York Newsday) claim that DNA testing in the OJ 
Simpson case will take two months; the evening news says the same.
	Two months? Are the papers and TV news just being silly again
or are there some applicable forensic PCR procedures that commonly take that 
	Marla Brunker
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