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Sat Jun 25 11:06:37 EST 1994

In article <h08QwTQ.brunker at>, brunker at writes:

> 	While waiting for these procedures to complete, my colleagues and 
> I will, among other things, look at the daily newspapers. And the 
>  papers (The Daily News and New York Newsday) claim that DNA testing 
> in the OJ Simpson case will take two months; the evening news says 
> the same. 
> 	Two months? Are the papers and TV news just being silly again 
> or are there some applicable forensic PCR procedures that commonly 
> take that long? 

Well, you're forgetting a few things.

1.  Getting the samples to and from the forensic lab via Interstate 5 takes 
several days, unless they are given a police escort in a white Bronco.

2.  Time to organize CNN/NBC/FOX/CBS...etc. cameras to monitor the 
electrophoresis. This includes finding them accomodation, food.....

3.  Time to explain the technique to the assembled news people.

4.  Time to let them explain it to their editors (major delay). 

5.  Repeating the results, because one of the lenses fell into the agarose.

6.  Time to find a neutral observer to assess the results (this includes 
flying the person from Outer Mongolia).

7.  Time to find another ski mask.

8.  Time to sell the TV rights.

So I think 2 months is reasonable, don't you?  ;-) 


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