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> Hi people,
> I'm a student working on the isolation of mRNA from tissue, and I'd 
> really appreciate it if anyone could give me an idea of all the 
> commercial mRNA isolation kits available. My intention is to test out the 
> yield of each of these kits.
> From a quick browse through the advertisements of the past issues of 
> Nature, I've found 1) Promega's PolyATract mRNA isolation system 2) 
> QIAGEN's OligoTex 3) TRI reageant from Molecular Research Centre
> If anyone knows of any other kits, or uses them for mRNA extraction, I'd 
> really appreciate it if you could tell me what they are. Thank you very 
> much. 
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Hi, Tan Min-Han 

We use a kit called RNAzol B, manufactured by Bioteck Laboratories Inc
(Telephone number 1 (800) 535-6286; Fax number 1 (713) 643-3143. It is a
really quick protocol, which allows you to extract total RNA from tissues
or culture cells in less than 2 hours, and starting with 10.000.000 cells
we have managed to extract up to 50 micrograms of total RNA.

We hope this information is useful to you.

Annabel and Martin.

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