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Sun Jun 26 09:29:33 EST 1994

Jay Allen (jsallen at wrote:
> Bill Jack wrote:
> : Does anyone know a supplier of N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine
> : (nitrosoguanidine) to be used for mutagenesis? Sigma no longer carries it.

> 	Actually, that's not true.  I just ordered some today.  The catalog
> number has been changed. M7038 is the cat. number for Sigma. :)

> 	BTW, I am working with MNNG (crystalline) and I was wondering how
> to weigh it out.  I don't want to do it in the hood, because I don't want
> to circulate a crystalline carcinogen.  Any ideas??  I am dissolving in DMSO,
> diluting in PBS and treating transfected HeLa cells for a genotoxicity 
> assays.

When preparing mutants, we have used MNNG in Isopac containers (vacuum
ampoules) from Sigma. They contain 10 mg, and eliminate the need to
handle the stuff in the open. Rather expensive, though.

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