ethidium bromide disposal

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>Date: Thu, 23 Jun 1994 17:39:12 GMT

>       Hello fellow stainers, I have had concerns about EtBr disposal and have 
>been reading the recent messages and looking for a good method for disposal.  
>As a result, we just got a letter from Schleicher  & Schuell  
>(603-352-3810) and will be recieving a free test filter.  It's called EZ 
>filter and is suposed to remove EtBr from about 10 liters of liquid.  I think 
>they estimated less han a $1 a liter.  Anyway we are going to try one out and 
>see how they work.  Just thought I'd pass it on in case someone else was as 
>paranoid as we are about disposal of potentialy toxic reagents.
>Troy Saulnier
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>Biol Dept, Acadia University
>Wolfville, NS, B0P 1X0 

         Terribly sorry if there was a misunderstanding here.  This unit is 
an experimental one and S & S will take people's name who have an interest in 
the unit so that information can be forwarded at some point.  I should not 
have made the original post on behalf of S & S.  If you did not read it then 
disregard this.  If you read the original article then it would be appreciated 
if no further disscussion via this news group were continued.  Also if you are 
interested in the unit then please call S & S only for informational purposes. 
Sorry again, and I extent my appologies to S & S for the mix-up and thank them 
for the clarification. 
                             -Yours retractorily
                               Troy Saulnier
                               910835s at
                               Biol Dept, Acadia University  

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