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Mon Jun 27 02:20:21 EST 1994

>On 24 Jun 1994 09:46:57 -0700,
>  Bruce Elder writes:
>This question is for a friend of mine. Are there any "new" methods
>for isolating mitochondrial DNA from mammalian tissues? I know the
>"old" way was to CsCl band it, but was wondering if any other methods
>are available.

I have seen a reference for purifying fish mitochondrial DNA using plasmid 
purification kits (sorry, can't find the ref but I think it was Canadian 
Journal of Fish Biol or some similar title and was about 6 months ago). 
However, if you are only wanting to PCR from the mitochondria, just do a 
standard proteinaseK, "phenol" extraction, ethanol ppt type exercise and 
there will be plenty enough mitochondrial template in the template.


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