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On 25 Jun 1994 09:01:21 -0600,
  Dinesh Haryadi writes:

> Does anyone know where I can obtain information concerning
> "PAPAIN" , its production, refinement , etc.
> (2 x Recrystallized papain is used as a chemical reagent and
> medicine) It is the dried latex of green papaya.
> Your suggestions and pointers are appreciated in advance.
> -Dinesh Haryadi

Have a look in the Merck Index in your Library (or buy a copy through 
Sigma if you are in a hurry), the 11th edition (1989) has about a quater 
of a page of descriptions, references etc about it (p1110, compound 6965) 
(sorry, it is too long to type out for you but if you are desperate, I will 
fax a copy)..

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