RNA isolation request

Winoto lab lab_winoto at maillink.berkeley.edu.
Mon Jun 27 21:17:26 EST 1994

In article <2tqe4a$h34 at taco.cc.ncsu.edu>
skantar at unity.ncsu.edu (Andrea M Skantar) writes:

> I'm posting for a friend who is exploring different protocols for either 
> mRNA isolation or total RNA isolation from nematodes (specifically plant 
> parasitic nematodes).  If anyone can direct us to some good (or bad) 
> protocols (endorsements or flames welcome), please email me and I'll pass 
> them along.  Or if you know of where in IUBIO archive to look.  I 
> browsed, but did not find anything. 


See "Isolation of RNA from just about anything" in this newsgroup


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