Electroporator recommendation request

Winoto lab lab_winoto at maillink.berkeley.edu.
Mon Jun 27 20:11:06 EST 1994

In article <1994Jun14.170726.8710 at mbcf>
neale at mbcf.stjude.org writes:

> So far, my inclination is to buy the Bio-Rad units based on what some people
> use around here.
> I would be very interested to hear comments or suggestions about this
> electroporator and other machines that people would recommend.

The Bio-Rad Genepulser works great for both applications.  You need to
purchase the Genepulser unit, the capacitance extender unit, and the
pulse controller.  Also you'll need to purchase 0.2 and 0.4 cm
elecroporator disposable cuvettes.  These cuvettes can be reused
indefinately for the bacterial applications (0.2 cm) if you take care
of them.  Be careful not to use ligation mixtures with too high a salt
concentration or you'll get arching.  Typically the Genepulser unit
will blow out if you arch it too much, we've recently had our unit
repaired at a cost of about $300.00 due to this problem.  Fortunately,
the Bio-Rad repair facillity is located near us in Richmond so I was
able to get the unit repaired in one day.  I suggested to their
engineers to included a conductance meter in the next model (coming
soon) so that you can avoid zapping suspensions of inadvertantly high
ionic strength.  They said they might do it, so before you buy ask for
the model with this safety feature.


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