dissection and RNA extraction

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Mon Jun 27 19:42:11 EST 1994

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damak at kahu.lincoln.ac.nz (Damak, Sami) writes:

> We need to extract RNA from sheep sweat glands.  The problem is that it 
> takes two hours to dissect enough glands to work with, by which time the RNA 
> is completely degraded.  We tried fixing the tisssue or dissecting in tissue 
> culture medium but still didn't get any success.  We use the Trizol method 
> to extract RNA.
> Does anyone have any experience with extracting RNA from tissues that are 
> difficult to dissect?  Any suggestion will be appreciated.

May I offer the following suggestion:

I think you could solve your problem if, as you isolate each gland, or
perhaps a reasonable number of them you have your partner grind them in
the TRIZOL solution.  Just let the solution stand on ice while you
continue with your disection.  Once you've added a few more glands
grind it again and so on until you've harvested enough to do your
experiment.  You would probably get good results if you made your own
version of TRIZOL (RNase-ALL) with phenol which has been equilibrated
to pH7.6.  For the recipe see "Isolation of RNA from just about
anything" on this news group.


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