Transfection efficiency for CAT assays

tsichlis at tsichlis at
Mon Jun 27 12:32:33 EST 1994

Dear netters,

I'm doing CAT assays in Jurkat and EL4 (T-lymphocyte) lines.  Transfection
is via electroporation (its not great but it works--if you have a method
you love please send it).
Recently I've started adding expression constructs to check activity on the
CAT reporters.  The problem is that they are also affecting the
CMV-betagalactosidase transfection efficiency control.
I thought about doing dot-blot quantitation of the CAT gene in Hirt
supernatants from the transfectants.  Is this a good idea?  Has anyone out
there thought of a better way to control for these assays? 

Lee Grimes(E-mail; Grimes at
Fox Chase Cancer Center
7701 Burholme Ave
Philadelphia PA 19111

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