recycling pippete-tips?

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Mon Jun 27 07:36:42 EST 1994

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>	Has anyone tried to recycle used pippet-tips (hope that is the
>right spelling...)? For some reason a bag of 1000 tips (yellow ones)

When I was a grad student, my advisor recycled the plastic tips for his
Eppendorf pipettors.  The undergraduate student who washed the glassware
was told to gently jam the tips into mesh covers used in the glassware
washing machine and to wash them separately in the glassware washer. 
There were three cycles:
   		steam-heated wash with Alconox (a detergent);
   		steam-heated rinse with filtered tap water;
   		steam-heated rinse with deionized water.
After that, the tips were air dried.

The recycled tips were deemed OK for work that was not sensitive.  So PCR
may not be a good use for recycled tips.

Good luck,

Jim Owens

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