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Tue Jun 28 12:23:01 EST 1994

DuPont/NEN Research Products has a tritiated IP3 Radioreceptor 
Assay Kit.  Also, I have a copy of a PLC assay from Techniques of 
Lipidology.  For more information, please call me in Technical
Support at 1-800-772-2636, or leave me an email with your phone
and fax numbers.    Regards,    Mary WallingIn article <hhmq-250694084833 at>, hhmq at () writes:
>I am interested in studying the effects of different substances on the
>adrenergic stimulation of uterine muscle contractions.  I'd like to find a 
>procedure to determine endogenous levels of IP3 in tissue explants, as well
>as a procedure to study PLC enzyme activity in membrane preps. Any

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