Help ! Methyl Mercury Hydroxide

Dominic Voon dvoon at
Tue Jun 28 11:45:08 EST 1994

Hi netters,
	Could someone please point me to a commercial (international)
source of Methyl Mercury Hydroxide ? Just in case our lab doesn't have
the catalogue, could you kindly also include the product order number
and address of the company *please* :-). 
	I plan to use MMH as DNA denaturant in my SSCP analysis, a
method described in one of the recent papers. BTW, have you any previous
experience with SSCP ? I am also trying to reproduce the method describe
in the paper which they called "cold" SSCP which points to the fact that
it is non-radioactive. It is also considerably faster and costs much
less. Apparently, it is superior to the conventional large formatted
SSCP ran in sequencing gels in terms of its sensitivity. 
	If you have any information or tips, could you please mail them
to me ?? Many, many thanks in advance.


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