Differential display?

dkim at unm.edu dkim at unm.edu
Tue Jun 28 10:36:25 EST 1994

I think the June or July BioTechniques has a short article about how different
tubes may affect the outcome of DDRT-PCR.

I have used Perkin Elmer micro-amp tubes and Robbins Strip-Ease tubes with 
comparable results. I have also used Eppendorf 0.5 ml tubes with good
results. I have not had to DEPC-treat any of the tubes for the RT steps.

I have also used Nunc 96-"V" bottom microwells (sterile) for the first strand
step, which has been nice for setting up a lot of reactions at once.

I'd guess any clean, nuclease free tube would do.

Daniel Kim  kim at flovax.lanl.gov

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