??? Vector to clone a gene by complemntation of E. coli mutant

mcgraw at BSCR.UGA.EDU mcgraw at BSCR.UGA.EDU
Tue Jun 28 17:10:40 EST 1994

Hi folks,

We're trying to clone gene by complementation of a mutation in E. coli.
We just cut up the source DNA and ligated it into a pUC.  I should have
thought of this before, but now it occurs to me that pUC may not be a good
choice due to interference from the lac Z promoter. Is this something to
be concerned about?  Obviously, I'm not well-versed in this area, so I'd
appreciate any insights.  We'll look at our plates from the first attmpt
tomorrow.  If anything grows, we may be in good shape, but I'm already
thinking about plan B.  thanks in advance for any comments.

Al McGraw
University of Georgia

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