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Tue Jun 28 16:06:21 EST 1994

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>Hi netters!

>I´m running microsatellites in a 6% seq.gel. My problem is that sometimes when 
>I split the glassplates the gel will stick to both plates. That is of course 
>not good so my question is: Are there anything I can use that is cheap and 
>easy, besides repellsilane, to solve this problem?

>Kind regards,

>Peter Thorén

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Hi, I have also had this problem in the past. The solution that I have finally
settled on is to use Rain X. It works great for me. It can be found at Target 
or Walmart type stares. I think the 7 oz. bottle I bought was around 3-4
dollars. I have found that you only need to reapply it every 5-6th time. So
a bottle should last a long time. Hope this helps you out.


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