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>Does anybody know how to use Factor Xa as a protease? (concentration,
>conditions...). According to Biochemistry Labfax, it should cut Arg-X of

>Could you help me please, also with conditions for cutting Asn-Gly with

>thank you in advance

>hynek wichterle (jpalek at


We have found that there is no standard conditions for Factor Xa digestion. 
Cleavage will be influenced by the accessability of the cleavage site and the 
surrounding peptide sequence.

You should therefore optimise the conditions for your particular protein.

Things to vary are:

pH (7-10)
Substrate Conc. 0.1-20mg/ml
enzyme:Substrate ratio (w:w) 1:10 - 1:200
temperature 0-37 degrees C
time 1- 20 hours

There are several references including Nagia & Thogersen (1984) Nature Vol.309 

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