SDS-PAGE-resistant protein complexes

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> Hi!  Has anyone on the net ever had experience with protein complexes that are
> not dissociated under normal SDS-PAGE conditions, i.e. brief boiling in SDS
> sample buffer containing 2% SDS and 5% 2-mercaptoethanol. If so, I'd appreciate
> very much hearing from you and finding what conditions, if any, might break such
> a complex into its components.  Thanks.   

	Peptide-associated MHC class II heterodimers are characterised by a
relatively high resistance to dissociation by boiling in SDS sample buffer
for short times (around 2 minutes).  They will dissociate on extended
boiling (>5 minutes) or by adding urea to the sample buffer.  Heterodimers
without associated peptide will dissociate without boiling. 


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