gels sticking to glassplate

Wed Jun 29 12:38:13 EST 1994

In article <peter.thoren.9.2E0FEF77 at>, peter.thoren at
(Peter Thorin) says:
>I4m running microsatellites in a 6% seq.gel. My problem is that sometimes when
>I split the glassplates the gel will stick to both plates. That is of course
>not good so my question is: Are there anything I can use that is cheap and
>easy, besides repellsilane, to solve this problem?

I have always used a 1:200 solution of Kodak's 'Photoflow' sprayed onto
one of the two plates and allowed to dry prior to pouring the gel.  This
not only makes the gels pour very nicely (photoflow is sold as a wetting
agent), but also biases the stickiness of the plates (because you put it
on one plate only), so that the gel always sticks to one plate.
Works damn near every time for me.

Unlike silane, photoflow is also nontoxic, BTW.

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