RNA extraction from fixed tissue

Damak, Sami damak at kahu.lincoln.ac.nz
Wed Jun 29 19:00:46 EST 1994

We have been trying to extract RNA from fixed skin samples. We take a skin 
biopsy, put it immediately in 4% paraformaldehyde in PBS, fix for 6 hours 
then homgenize and use the TriZol method to extract RNA.  The best we got 
was a very faint band of low MW (probably snRNA), but no trace of rRNA.  The 
RNA can't be degraded because when we fix this way and do in situ hyb., we 
get a signal, so there is intact RNA left in the skin sample.  Maybe fixed 
cells don't brake open in TriZol and only a fraction of the small molecules 
diffuse out.
Question:  Does anybody have experience with RNA extraction from fixed 
Freezing the samples in liquid nitrogen is not an alternative.

Thank you


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