gels sticking to glassplate

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Wed Jun 29 16:16:56 EST 1994

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peter.thoren at (Peter Thorn) wrote:
>Hi netters!
>IYm running microsatellites in a 6% seq.gel. My problem is that sometimes when 
>I split the glassplates the gel will stick to both plates. That is of course 
>not good so my question is: Are there anything I can use that is cheap and 
>easy, besides repellsilane, to solve this problem?
>Kind regards,
>Peter Thorn
>Peter.Thoren at

    Try Rain-X (a car wax). It can be found in the auto stores, etc. We use
the stuff on our plates and it works well. You can also try Sigmacote,
although it's a little more expensive.

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