gels sticking to glassplate

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Wed Jun 29 16:12:04 EST 1994

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peter.thoren at (Peter Thorin) writes:
>I4m running microsatellites in a 6% seq.gel. My problem is that sometimes when
>I split the glassplates the gel will stick to both plates. That is of course
>not good so my question is: Are there anything I can use that is cheap and
>easy, besides repellsilane, to solve this problem?
>Kind regards,
>Peter Thorin
Peter-We still routinely use dimethyldichlorosilane to treat one of our two
sequencing plates and have had little trouble.  However, this stuff is a bit
nasty to work with.  A member of the lab swears that a product called "RAIN X",
which can be purchased at many local discount or automotive stores, works
just as well.  The product is originally designed to used on automobile windows
to keep them fog-free.
Hope this helps

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