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> >I4m running microsatellites in a 6% seq.gel. My problem is that sometimes when
> >I split the glassplates the gel will stick to both plates. That is of course
> >not good so my question is: Are there anything I can use that is cheap and
> >easy, besides repellsilane, to solve this problem?
> I have always used a 1:200 solution of Kodak's 'Photoflow'
> Unlike silane, photoflow is also nontoxic, BTW.

You could try Rainex as well.  It's probably cheaper than photoflow and
works very well.  It can be purchase at stores like K-mart or any autoparts

Just put a little on the plates and spread it out with a paper towel.  Rub
lightly until the plates FEEL siloconized (<30 sec).  Then wash the plates
with a mild detergent.  I usually wash them with 70 or 100% etoh just
before I use them.
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