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>     Does anyone know of any recent publications on 
> PCR ? I seem to remember some postings about a new book 
> recently (but didn't note the author, title, etc).
>     Could someone re-post the details

i've got 2 suggestions here for you, both of which have been very helpful
to me.  the first is a general PCR overview, and the 2nd is more
novel/innovative stuff.

1.  PCR: A Practical Approach
				Ed.  M.J. McPherson, P. Quirke and G.R. Taylor
				IRL Press, 1991
    ISBN:  0-19-963196-4

2.  PCR Technology:  Current Innovations
    Ed. Hugh and Annette Griffin
    CRC Press, 1994
    ISBN:  0-8493-8674-8
this one is really thick so if your looking for basic suggestions, wait on
this one.  if you want to know about site-directed mutagenesis, sequencing
techniques, and lots of different practical applications, this is an
excellent book.  includes protocols.

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