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: >> "QIAGEN-tips contain a unique, patented anion-exchange resin
: >> ...
: >
: >> If you visit aQIAGEN display at a meeting, they will openly
: >> tell you that the anion exchanger is diethyl aminoethyl, good
: >> old DEAE.
: >
: >Someone told me recently that this resin is not unique and was actually
: >developed by another company, namely Macherey-Nagel, Duren, Germany. This same
: >chemistry is sold by them as Nucleobond[R] AX. Are they in fact the same? Any
: >comments?
: >
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: This may well be true, since Qiagen is the American offspring of
: Diagen GmbH.  All my packages of Qiabrane nylon membrane are clearly
: labelled "made in Germany".  I assume all their stuff is made in
: Germany.  But why would the same manufacturer market the same
: material through a competing US company?

Macherey-Nagel or Qiagen?

To clarify the misinformation on the relationship of Qiagen/Diagen and 
Macherey-Nagel (MN), Colpan and Reisner from the Univ. Dusseldorf came up 
with the original chemistry and exclusively licensed MN to make it.
Subsequently, Diagen/Qiagen applied for another patent on it.  The 
subsequent litigation went against Qiagen and they settled out of court 
granting Macherey-Nagel a royalty free license.  MN does not use this chemistry 
however.  They have a DEAE/QAE or a mixture of them as their chemistry, 
they have a different spacer arm and they use different silica from 
Qiagen, which allows them to handle much larger supercoiled plasmids 
(ca.200+KD) or baculovirus DNA than does Qiagen, although we need 
additional data to be definitive on the extent of this.

Macherey-Nagel was founded in 1911 and is a $40 million company selling 
silicas for chromatography, filter papers, and test kits.  They are not 
associated with Qiagen or Diagen in any way.

Nucleobond AX is imported by The Nest Group, Southboro, MA 800-347-6378 
and is technically supported there.  If you have general questions about 
why these kits (Qiagen or Nucleobond) are not working send us an email at 
nestgrp at world.std.com or call for the sales and sample information

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