cross linkining

Richa Behari richa at LELAND.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Jun 30 11:20:10 EST 1994

		I am planning to do crosslinking studies with a membrane
protein found in the malaria parasite within the red blood cell. The 23 kDa
 protein has a putative single membrane spanning region. Ideally I'd want to
 do the crosslinking at different stages of the life cycle. would
 2-iminothiolane deravitives be my best bet?  Or shold I use DSP, NHS, EDC..
What is the advantage/ disadvantage of these vs. the Photoreactive crosslinkers
eg NHS-ASA or SASD? 
Important points are:
1. I want to do the crosslinking in vivo
2. I don't want to change the pH of the system
3. I want the reagent to be accessible to the parasite within the host cell
4. I want a handle on the life stage/ time of crosslinking
If anybody out there has any protocols/ suggestions they would be very welcome.

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