Lisa J Brunet brunet at uclink2.berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 30 11:19:27 EST 1994

EDWARD M. FOX (FOXEM%DFB at pcmail.usafa.af.mil) wrote:
: I need a current protocol to karyotyping cells. If any one has a good one, 
: please post or mail a copy to Major E. M. Fox, Department of Biology, USAF 
: Academy, 2354 Fairchild Blvd, Suite 2A29, USAFA Academy, Colorado Springs, 
: CO 80840. Thanks for any help that you may give me.

: Mark
There is a good protocol for karyotyping ES cells in Methods in 
Enzymology vol. 225 pp. 803-823. It has been adapted for growing adherent 
cells on coverslips and avoids dropping the swollen cells onto slides 
(and all over the floor). I have used it several times and it works well. 

Lisa Brunet, Ph.D. 

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