Geneclean problems

Mr. Steven Swift; BIOL; GRAD sswift at
Thu Jun 30 10:07:40 EST 1994

Dr. D. Marazziti (dmarazzi at wrote:
: We are having terrible problems with the BIO101 "Geneclean" kit.
: We have tested different  plasmids, rest. enzymes, researcher'hands
: and so on but we never obtain purified bands which can ligate efficiently.
: Apparently the problems started a couple of months ago (march-April 94)
: and we wonder if it has something to do with new batches of the kit shipped to Europe (Italy).
: We usually purify our DNA bands from Ultra Pure agarose (BRL) gel  run in 
: TBE buffer.
: Any suggestion is gratly welcome !!!!

: Daniela Marazziti
: Insti. of Cell Biology, CNR, Viale Marx 43, I-00137 Rome
: fax: +39-6-8273287
: e-mail: daniela at

  I have used this kit on gels run on TBE and TAE, and I get a greater
  yeild from the TAE gels. However this is not what you are asking about. 
  If you cant ligate the "purified" DNA its possibly due to excess salts,
  I would try EtOH ppt with a 70% EtOH wash. Hope this helps.


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