Plasmid drawing program for Windows

Thomas M. Rupp trupp at
Thu Jun 30 12:11:41 EST 1994

pATEL_P (Patel_P at wrote:

: Hi,
: 	Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations for
:  plasmid drawing programs for Windows.  I am currently using Clone ver4.0. 
:  However, am looking for a more versatile program.
: Thanks in advance
: Pramathesh

have you heard of a program called VectorNT?
It is sold by a company called InforMax, Inc. in Gathersbury. Their 
phonenumber is (301) 216-0586.
It offers quite a few nice features like a database for clones which 
allows modifications af a whole tree of stored clones in one step. It
also has a very nice graphical output. It also offers PCR analysis
of fragments on screen.
Just order the demo and try it out, I really like it!


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