Quantitating Radioactive label in DNA and RNA

Nicola Fidler bt048478 at dingo.cc.uq.oz.au
Thu Jun 30 01:53:28 EST 1994

hlhinkel at ksu.ksu.edu (Heidi Lanora Hinkel) writes:

>	I am looking for methods with which to quanitate the
>amount of P32 -ATP incorperated by end-labeling with T4 kinase,
>in both DNA and RNA probes. I would like to hear of any methods
>that you know of and which one you think is best. Thanks in
>		Heidi Hinkel
>		hlhinkel at matt.ksu.ksu.edu
>		Division of Biology
>		Kansas State University
>		Manhattan, KS 66506

We quantify in a scintillation counter using Cerenkov radiation ie add 1 
ul of your query solution to 1 ml of water and count vs known amount of 
P32 (1 ul in h20).
Good luck

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