purify PCR products using Wizard Prep (Promega)

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Thu Jun 30 16:39:29 EST 1994

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>> Hi, Bionetters:
>> I have a trouble to get a high yield of PCR products by using Promega's
>> Wizard Prep method.....(stuff deleted)...

> I've routinely used the lithium chloride method of DNA isolation from lowmelt
>agarose and its worked quite well.....(more stuff deleted)....

Even better, try the NA45 membranes (DEAE) from S&S. These membranes are
great for recovering DNA from gels,and you don't even need to excise and
melt the band. Simply make a slit in front of the band, place a small
membrane strip into the slit, and electrophorese the DNA onto the membrane.
Then you wash the membrane and elute with a high-salt buffer, then
precipitate. The whole process takes about five or ten minutes. This is a
quantitative method, and you can even monitor recovery with a UV lamp in
case you screw it up. After years of using every other method under the sun,
I swear by this technique. Good luck!
Tracy Aquilla, Post-doctoral Research Associate
Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
University of Vermont, College of Medicine
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