What is the gt in lambda gt10 or gt11?

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at chmeds.ac.nz
Tue Mar 1 17:54:41 EST 1994

In article <halligan.1112408342A at post.its.mcw.edu>, halligan at post.its.mcw.edu (Brian Halligan) writes:
> What is the origin of the letters gt in the name of the phage vector lambda
> gt10?  I was told one answer, but I am not sure I buy it.  Does anyone have
> any suggestions, or even better, a reference?
> Brian D. Halligan                halligan at post.its.mcw.edu

I don't know the answer, but you could look at the original reference:

Young, R., and Davis, R. (1983).  PNAS 80, 1194



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