Coomassie staining

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Ruben Donis (rdonis at UNL.EDU) wrote:

: 1.  Neuhoff V, Stamm R, Eibl H. Clear background and highly sensitive
: protein staining with Coomassie blue dyes in polyacrylamide gels: A
: systematic analysis. . Electrophoresis  1985 6:427-448 .

I tried it only once with rather thick (1.5 mm) gels and couldn't get it
working. *shrug*

I assume that Coomassie staining in gels follows the same mechanism as does
the Bradford procedure. You can easily show that Bradford has different
sensitivity for different proteins (in our lab they used to compare
ovalbumin and BSA standards; I think ovalbumin stained about twice as

Protein purification methods: A practical approach; IRL 1989 says:
"Under appropriate conditions, the acidic and basic groups of proteins
 interact with the dissociated groups of organic dyes to form coloured
 precipitates." (p.15)


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