Quick Hybridizations?

Allison Hanly a.hanly at cheque.uq.oz.au
Wed Mar 2 01:15:43 EST 1994

On Tue, 1 Mar 1994 17:18:22 GMT, 
Stephen Morris  <smorris at pharma1.pharma.mcgill.ca> wrote:

>Hi, Does anyone know of a recipe for hybidization cocktail that is quicker
>than the standard formamide - dextran mixture?  I've been using
>Formamide/20xssc/2M tris/100x denharts/water/10% sds/50% dextran  
>(92/48/1/2/11/18/40) and it's pretty slow.   

I've recently started using the Amersham rapid hybridisation buffer and have
had good results (so far ... touch wood). 

Extract from product specification ..... 

"Rapid-hyb buffer is tested ... to ensure that a single copy gene can be
detected in human genomic DNA blots .... following a 2 hour hybridisation
at 65 deg...   For many applications a 1 hr hybridisation is sufficient "

The protocol is optimised for Hybond-N+ but I'm using Hybond-N.

Use with nitrocellulose or PVDF membrane is not recommended by the 

Can be used for radio-labelled DNA, RNA or oligo probes.

I've used it for Northerns and Southerns with random-labelled DNA probe.

Amersham cat No: 1635 - 125ml
                 1636 - 500ml

No Affiliatios with etc etc....


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