nucleotide sequence searching via the Internet

Marion Freistadt mfreis at
Wed Mar 2 14:44:49 EST 1994

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>Hello All,
>We have a short invertebrate nucleotide sequence that we wish to run
>against the various nucleotide data bases available on the Internet.
>We are aware that methods exists for doing this via e-mail (e.g.,
>NCBI-BLAST, FASTA, QUICKSEARCH, etc.) but have no experience doing
>this.  We have downloaded the help files which explain how to format
>search queries.  However, we are not familiar with the theoretical
>bases for these algorithms, and, therefore, do not understand the
>meaning of the various parameters used, and how they relate to more
>straight-forward sequence properties such as homology.
>Can anyone recommend how we should procede from here?
>Please send replies directly via e-mail, as we don't frequently peruse
>this group.  Thanks ahead of time for the help.
>Kanade Shinkai

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