no product, Promega kit?

Marcella E Grebus mgrebus at
Wed Mar 2 11:17:16 EST 1994

hey folks,

i have a question for anyone who uses Taq polymerase from Promega.

our laboratory has been using Promega's Taq kits which include the
Taq polymerase, MgCl2, and 10x buffer.  we've gotten good amplification
for the past year using these.  but in the past few weeks, our pcr runs
have been yielding no products, and we don't know why.  we haven't
changed anything in our protocols.

our loss of amplification coincides with the use of a new Promega kit...
and we were wondering if anyone has had problems with recent batches
of Taq, 10x buffer, or MgCl2 from them.  might they have made recent
changes in their suppliers or ingredients?  all our other conditions, dna
primers, etc. are exactly the same as thye were when we got products.

any suggestions/thoughts welcome!  i'll be following this group, but
e-mail is also welcome.

--marcy  <mgrebus at>

ps. does anyone know of a "trouble-shooting" guide or some similar
    document for pcr?  is there an ftp site or faq file available?

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