DNA quantitation method wanted

marian at mbcl.rutgers.edu marian at mbcl.rutgers.edu
Wed Mar 2 01:00:37 EST 1994

Hello out here-
    I am looking for a quick and effiecient method for quantitation
of DNA.  I want to use the method to control for cell number in
cell cultures.  I need most of the cell layer, so I only have a
small percentage of the sample availabe for quantitation.  I am
aware of Invitrogen's "sticks", but these are not very cost-efficient.
I am condsidering Maniatis' protocol for etbr quantitation of
droplets on saran wrap, but have serious reservations about the 
relaibility of this method.  Any suggestions?
					Tom Mariani, Ph.D.
					Wash U. Medical Center	

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