inducible promoters

Graham Atherton GRGGTA at PICR.CR.MAN.AC.UK
Wed Mar 2 03:44:46 EST 1994

In article <wjia.1112929012C at>, wjia at (William
W.-G. Jia) wrote:

> Hi, there,
>      A few days a ago, I posted a question regarding inducible promoters. I
> think I need to specify it more. What I would like to know is an inducible
> promoter that works in mammalians (rat, mouse, maybe caw?) in vivo.  For my
> specific interest, I need an inducible promoter working in the brain. But I
> am also interested in anything works in other organs.  At this point, I
> think what I mean "work" is that it can be induced by a non-toxic substance.
> The ratio of induction may be the next criteria.

Then gc wrote

>What about a heat shock promoter?  That can ba fairly non-toxic depending
>on the system.

It is my understanding that the heat shock promoter is used in drosophila
cells and uses temperatures too high for most eukaryotic cell lines. 
Anyone know better?
Graham Atherton


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