Genuis System

James N Petitte jnppo at
Wed Mar 2 08:25:57 EST 1994

Kieron Des (kierondes at wrote:
: Are you absolutely set on getting the Genius system? Schleicher & Schuell has
: just released a method based on a non-enzymatic labeling scheme that uses a
: psoralen-biotin molecule. This DNA affinity reagent intercalates in ss or ds
: material and is covalently bound to probing strand with 365nm light. They have
: 2 sizes and the smaller of the two is $125 which sounds more like the
: starter-sized kit you are after. Call them at 800-245-4024 if you want to speak
: to their tech svc
: (I work for S&S...I hope you don't mind I answered your question)

I never would have guessed.


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