DNA amplification from silver-stained gels

Andreas Vogel vogel at urz.unibas.ch
Wed Mar 2 08:37:06 EST 1994

Dear netters out there,

has anyone ever tried to amplify DNA from a silver-stained polyacrylamide gel
(successfully, that is)? I know there is a recent publication on the issue
(Weaver et al., BioTechniques 16, 226-227, 1994), but the method described
does not seem optimal, as they need several rounds of amplification to see the
amplification product on a PAGE gel. Plus they did not confirm sequence
integrity but only used the isolates as probes for hybridization etc.. On the
other hand, the procedure is simple, as they basically just throw an excised,
silver-stained gel slice into a PCR mix and amplify.

I wonder if anybody has a better idea? Any experiences with precipitation,
dialysis, collumns.. whatever? Do you have to get rid of the silver in the firstplace?

Comments would be appreciated...

Andreas Vogel,
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