DNA analysis programs

Dave Bates dobates at ucdavis.edu
Thu Mar 3 14:22:30 EST 1994

I hope this is a new thread, and by the way where is the FAQ for this

Can anyone who has used DNA analysis programs give a short review of
what they think of them. Especially if you have ever used more than one
and can give a comparitive review. I'm looking for (for instance) their
capabilities for:
Plasmid construction for subcloning
Sequence searching for ORFs, recognition sequences etc
Restriction analysis
PCR primer design
Graphical presentation
Ease of use
Availability for PC & Mac
Sequence alignment (homology)
Sequencing overlaps
Translation features (antigenicity, hydrophobicity)
Protein structure (consensus sequences, secondary or tertiary(!)

I would specifically be interested in reviews for MacVector, Geneworks,
DNAsys, Gene construction Kit, MacPlasmid (??).

Send me them and I'll publish a compilation.



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