P Watson md1pw at
Thu Mar 3 13:36:30 EST 1994

Mike Morris (mike at wrote:
:   I have been using Sequigens for four years, with many sets of
: plates, and have never had this problem. The only problem we have
: is filling up the "top" reservoir with acrylamide! (and that's 
: through our own stupidity, 'tho I'll bet we're not the only ones:-).
: -- 
I was confronting this very problem the other evening and resorted to taping

fine bore rubber tubing (protein column type stuff) to a spare spacer. This

I then plunged through the acrylamide accumulation and applied the tubing to 

the lab compressed air supply. Pretty spectacular and broke up the acrylamide

quite efficiently . Actually I like the sound of the prevention idea posted



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